“Start speaking Ukrainian in 3 months
with your friends and family”

Welcome to an amazing journey through the Ukrainian language

If you came to Ukraine for work or to travel, could you speak Ukrainian to your family, kids, friends and make them say ‘WOW’. Would you be able to feel at home?

Do any of these sound familiar?…

  • I want to learn Ukrainian in no time, but haven’t found a good course, teacher or resources
  • I feel uncomfortable to use vocabulary in real conversations
  • I want to understand Ukrainian, but the phonetics are strange and difficult

I`ve been there too!

I had been learning a language for many years with an old Soviet private teacher who had been teaching me English for 5 years. I faced many obstacles, for example, difficult phonetics, tons of new words, and grammar. I know how hard it is to learn a foreign language. I spent lots of time, money, and energy trying to learn the language and still couldn’t speak fluently! Finally, it was only after being taught by good teachers at university and international internships that I was able to advance and get to know the secrets of learning the language.

Two and a half years ago, a foreign student asked me to teach him Ukrainian, because he was going to go to the University of Engineering in Kiev. After the first lesson, I realized how challenging it is for foreigners to learn Ukrainian. And teaching people Ukrainian became my mission in life! I am eager to share my knowledge, experience, passion and love of the Ukrainian language with the whole world!
On top of this I created an amazing course for you!


Introducing the Course:


is a 3-month online course delivered by one-on-one weekly lessons via Skype, where I personally teach you the Ukrainian language by using digital learning materials: audio/video lessons, books, worksheets, tables, cards etc.

Based on my extensive teaching experience of the Ukrainian language, this course was developed for tourists, professionals, or people who have Ukrainian family and friends. I know fast and effective methods and how to expand your vocabulary beyond basic phrases like «Привіт»«Будь ласка», «Дякую» into advance conversations at work or with your family.

I believe the knowledge of the language will make you feel comfortable in Ukrainian society!


• have conversations with Ukrainians
• understand Ukrainian speech easily
• speak your mind
• have the feeling of the language
• describe different situations
• express feelings and thoughts
• you will be able to shop, make an order, negotiate etc.


Most people fail to learn some basic words in Ukrainian by themselves or with apps and have no idea how to organize the right learning structure. That’s why it’s difficult.
The truth is that every language is a living and fast developing system. It is very important to learn to feel the language and understand how we, Ukrainians, build sentences, make phrases and use cases.
In my course, I will teach you how to make a conversation in Ukrainian easily and correctly!

JUST IMAGINE, if you commit to study with me, in 3 months you will be able to:

have a lovely conversation with your significant other in a cozy Ukrainian café;

get acquainted with friendly people;

make an impression by telling everybody about your work/family/hobbies;

give beautiful girls compliments;

make a toast at an important Ukrainian celebration like a birthday, wedding, jubilee;

have a heartfelt talk with new friends;

show respect to your Ukrainian business partners;

find interesting work.

“If you are looking to have the power of conversation in Ukrainian, I can help you”


phonetics and understanding how sounds are produced and how words take birth;

reading in Ukrainian is easy. I learned English and German, and I know some secrets on how to work with your accent

using the link word technique to remember words fast;

enacting Ukrainian grammar and useful phrases in real-life scenarios.

Let me tell you about MY METHODOLOGY and why it is UNIQUE

My method of teaching is relaxed and informal, and my approach is natural and very conversational. I don’t give the boring lessons. I call my course a “journey” – a fun, interactive, customized 3-month journey to the beautiful, melodic Ukrainian language.

I will be your personal guide in a 1:1 format via Skype who develops your skills and teaches how to express your thoughts freely, to listen and understand your Ukrainian partner, kids, relatives, and to speak to your mind. We are going to meet 3 times per week. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes, during this time we go through some grammar, some audio files, some reading and examples. I will challenge you to do role plays with me, to talk about different topics. I will guide you and correct your pronunciation.
You won`t get bored! Time flies during my classes.

After every lesson, I will give a fun and useful h/w. I understand you are busy person or a businessman or a student, so I tailor my classes to each student making sure every element is easily applicable and useful. You will feel excited about your h/w, because you can use it right away!

I promise to give you my daily support in reaching your goal!

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The course lasts 12 weeks + BONUS (1 free final lesson)! 3 lessons per week!





You will learn how to

The Alphabet. The structure and types of the sentences. Getting acquainted.

• greeting words;
• farewells;
• mood;
• evaluation;
• words of agreement and refusal.

• pronounce consonants
and vowels
• read in Ukrainian
• greet people
• introduce yourself
• give “yes” and “no”

Family. Describing your country.

• forms of politeness;
• numbers 1-10;
• members of the family;
• countries.

• address to people
• count 1 -10
• describing your family
• use prepositions
• express locations

Verbs. Work.

• weather;
• adverbs;
• number 11 -100.

• building simple sentences
• and dialogues;
• agreement;
• ask questions.

Back to school

•top 100 verbs.

• talk about hobbies;
• talk about education;
• talk about work;
• conjugate verbs.

Eating out

• food & drinks;
• Ukrainian national dishes;
• eating out;
• the menu.

• mak an order at a café;
• read the menu;
• buy food;
• cook Ukrainian national dishes.

Telling the date

• the time of day;
• days of the week,
• months;
• times of the year.

• tell the date;
• count 100-1 000 000;
• use the Genitive case.

The weekend

• weekend activities;
• holidays, day-off, vacation.

• using reflexive verbs;
• talk about your activities during the weekend etc.

Telling the time

• time expressions.

• say the time.

Clothes. Appearance

• ordinal numbers from 1 to 100;
• clothes & colors;
• shopping;
• appearance.

• use the Past Tense;
• use the Accusative case;
• do shopping;
• describe appearances;
• say the colors.


• directions;
• ordinal numbers from 100 – 1 000 000.

• ask the directions;
• get to any place;
• book a room.

Making arrangements.

• modal verbs (can, have to, must, need).

• use the modal verbs;
• make arrangements;
• make requests.

A vacation to Ukraine.

• verbs of motion;
• tourism in Ukraine.

• use the verbs of motion;
• use the future tense;
• talk about the future;
• tips for traveling to Ukraine.

Review of the third month! Test!



I know that learning a language doesn’t only happen during lessons. Learning also happens afterwards, when you do your h/w, memorizing the vocabulary, using extra audio resources. I know how important it is to have support between classes. That’s why I offer my students my help through email, Skype or WhatsApp.

What my students say

Now a little bit about me

“I love 2 things in my life – teaching people and
popularizing Ukrainian language and culture.”

Привіт. My name is Inna Samoilova and I teach Ukrainian Language. I was born and raised in Ukraine. I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English and German, but Ukrainian is my native tongue and favorite language. I love the language and culture, so I want to share it with you.
I have a Bachelor`s and Master’s Degrees in language. I have worked as a teacher at language schools in Ukraine and abroad. I have been teaching Ukrainian online for more than 2 years now. I have taught many beginner level students, in English, Ukrainian and Russian.
I know how difficult it is to learn a foreign language. That`s why I have picked up a few techniques along the way to make it easier for you to learn! So, I was worked very hard to create a customized course for beginners.

No matter if you are looking to learn for business, travel, or just to talk to friends and family, we can learn together. Come join me on this adventure into language and culture.

Alternative numbers

Learning with me is a different experience than going to school
or learning Ukrainian through language platforms!

Let`s compare how other institutions work:

Language school / course at university

• an average price per course is 250-400$ + extra expenses on traveling to school; accommodation and food (if you want to come to Ukraine and take a course at university);
• a lot of time;
• boring lessons;
• studying in groups;
• no individual approach;

Other Language Platforms

• the price per one-hour lesson is 10-25$;
• you will pay an extra fee to the platform;
• inexperienced or community teachers;
• the difficulty in selecting the right tutor;
• no real sense of the journey;
• no any fixed program;
• don’t get a daily support;
• no any customized learning materials.

If you study with me, beside my carefully selected
lessons, you will get:

• 3 lessons per week for the next 3 months with me on Skype;
• a personalized program, because each my student is unique;
• a daily support from me. You will have an access with me to ask questions;
• extra audio and video resources;
• fun and interactive lessons. I enjoy teaching people in an easy way;
• a checklist with the accomplished work.

“If you are looking for the power of conversation in Ukrainian, I can help you”

You won`t be able to find any similar program on the Internet.
Check the value I offer you!

One payment

$ 599 usd Buy now


Three payments

$ 229 usd Buy now


You can still struggle with the Ukrainian language, remembering new words, difficult grammar by yourself as you did before…


Imagine in 3 months from today you will be having and enjoying the conversations in Ukrainian with people you care. It`s a decision you can make today. I`m here to help you! So enroll in my course!

30-day money back guarantee

If you commit to working with me and you do all your homework, follow the program, listen to my explanations carefully and don`t see any results within 30 days of studying with me. Then you will get a full refund. I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with this course, and based on all the reviews, I know I can offer you this 30-day refund policy!


The Introductory Course: Conversational Ukrainian is a customized, well-planned course that lasts 3 months. Once you decide to take it, we will plan 3 lessons per week on https://calendly.com/ depending on your schedule and time zone. Also you will get an access to all learning materials and to my daily support.

The Introductory course to Conversational Ukrainian is an Online Course. All lessons are given via Skype in a 1:1 format.

To enroll in a course, you must click the “Sign up/Buy a course/Take a course” button to fill in the form and directly access the content. The course requires you to set up an account and pay for the credit option, when applicable.

You can make a payment online by using any credit card (Visa, Mastercard etc.). It is possible to process the payment through the 2checkout system, the company that helps online business to set up payments. If you don’t have a credit card, you can pay me by Western Union. OR If you are in Ukraine, you can pay by PrivatBank. Please just send me an email and I will provide with the necessary information.

If you commit to work with me and you do all your homework, follow the program, listen to my explanations carefully and see no results after the first month of studying with me. Then I will send you money back.

Rescheduling, Cancellations & No-Shows: A 24-hour notice is required for rescheduling and cancellations. Otherwise, the lesson should be charged. Thanks for understanding.

If you have any issues, you can text me short questions. If you have longer questions, we solve them at the lessons. But the WhatsApp support is meant to be when you are stuck and I can give you support. For example, if you want to send a birthday wish in Ukrainian, but you aren’t sure if it is correct or you don’t understand how to do your h/w. I will happy to be with you.

Feel free to contact Inna via email learnua.online@gmail.com. I am always happy to answer your questions.

P.S. Statement

I have extensive experience teaching people around the world. I have seen how difficult the whole learning process was for my students. I have been working hard to creating a customized Conversational Course which is a great selection of the most useful topics, techniques, vocabularies, exercises to make the learning Ukrainian a pleasant journey not an overwhelming boring process.
I`m happy to share with you my passion, knowledge and support. I know this journey can
be a challenge, but one we can finish easily together.
Let’s get started on this amazing journey of simplifying your learning of
Ukrainian language, shall we?

Join now!

Contact me. I am here

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Contact me. I am here

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